Consuming Television: Television and Its Audiences

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April 1997



"Consuming Television" is a textbook designed to introduce students to the role of television in contemporary society and to encourage an understanding of what contemporary audiences are all about.Written clearly and simply, and devoid of jargon Covers both the empirical and theoretical ground in a lively manner Unlike most books on the television audience, this volume looks at the programmes themselves, as well as the production process (including policies which affect television production)


Introduction. 1. Audiences. 2. Technology. 3. Programmes. 4. Quality Television. 5. News. 6.Television, Politics, and Impartiality. 7. Offensive Television. 8. Children, Regulation, and the a Effectsa of Television. 9. Televisiona s Uncertain Future. Postscript: "Dona t Ask What does People Harm. Ask what Does Them Good". Notes. Bibliography.


"An invaluable book; the author knows a very great deal about television in a global sense and writes with a huge amount of infectious enthusiasm." Ian Mowatt, Glasgow Caledonian University
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