Sequence Stratigraphy

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August 1996



The innovation and refinement of the techniques and concepts of sequence stratigraphy has been one of the most exciting and profound developments in geology over the past thirty years. Seismic stratigraphy has now become one of the standard tools of the geoscientist, and there is a pressing need for an introductory text on sequence stratigraphy. This new book sets out to define and explain the concepts, principles and applications of this remarkably influential approach to the study of sedimentary strata. The authors take a rigorous objective stance in evaluating the techniques and interpretation of sequence stratigraphy - basing the text on an internal training course developed by British Petroleum (BP).A new text on this increasingly important fieldA practical guide based on the experience of practising sequence stratigraphersBased on a highly successful BP training course


List of Contributors Preface 1 Historical Perspective2 Concepts and Principles of Sequence Stratigraphy 3 Seismic Stratigraphy 4 Outcrop and Well Data 5 Chronostratigraphic Charts 6 Biostratigraphy 7 Fluvial Systems 8 Paralic Successions 9 Deep-marine Clastic Systems 10 Carbonate Systems 11 Organic-rich Facies and Hydrocarbon Source Rocks 12 Computer Modelling of Basin Fill References Index
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