Chinese-English Dictionary (A Chinese-English Dictionary Compiled for the China Inland Mission)

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This volume meets the demand for a small dictionary which is at the same time comprehensive enough for the needs of the ordinary student. It contains 7,773 Chinese characters and 104,000 compounds taken from the classics, general literature, magazines, and newspapers. Published in 1931, it has been thoroughly revised and brought up to date in this new edition. All necessary corrections in regard to pronunciation have been made; the tones of the characters have been checked; and a large number of new terms have been added in order to facilitate the reading of contemporary periodicals and newspapers--whether political, economic, chemical, or military.


Foreword to the American Edition Preface to the First Edition Introduction on Pronunciation List of Syllabic Headings The Structure of Chinese Characters The Abbreviations and References A Chinese-English Dictionary Apendices: A. I. Summary of Chinese Dynasties II-VIII. Tables Concering Time, Numbers, etc. B. I. The 214 Radicals II. Radical Index
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