Pursuits of Happiness: The Hollywood Comedy of Remarriage

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Januar 1984



Each of the seven chapters that follow contains an account of my experience of a film made in Hollywood between 1934 and 1949.


Introduction: Words for a Conversation 1. Cons and Pros The Lady Eve 2. Knowledge as Transgression It Happened One Night 3. Leopards in Connecticut Bringing up Baby 4. The Importance of Importance The Philadelphia Story 5. Counterfeiting Happiness His Girl Friday 6. The Courting of Marriage Adam's Rib 7. The Same and Different The Awful Truth Appendix: Film in the University Acknowledgments Index


Stanley Cavell, geboren 1926, gilt als einer der interessantesten Philosophen Amerikas. Er war von 1963-1997 Professor für Ästhetik und allgemeine Werttheorie an der Harvard University und Präsident der American Philosophical Association. Er ist Ehrendoktor der Hebrew University, Jerusalem sowie der Universität Strasbourg.


No book about the art of Hollywood I have ever read can make its readers stop and think more effectively than this one. -- S. S. Prawer Times Literary Supplement This is a voice like no other in philosophy, today or ever. -- Arthur C. Danto October The great achievement of...Pursuits of Happiness is that it finally provides a solid framework for the serious discussion of the great dialogue comedies of the thirties and forties, perhaps the most revived and loved movies of Hollywood's golden period. -- Al LaValley American Film This just must be, in its close readings and its stunning associations, one of the most compelling accounts of its kind. The fact is, it just is its kind. -- Geoffrey Hawthorn London Review of Books Stanley Cavell's book succeeds brilliantly...The individual 'readings' of the films and the general conceptual plan in which they are embedded are both so rich and rewarding that...'brilliant'...seems an understatement. -- Gerald Mast Journal of Aesthetic Education
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