Struggles for Justice: Social Responsibility and the Liberal State

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In this synthesis of new scholarship, Dawley traces the group struggles involved in the making of modern America, from 1890 until World War II. He explores tensions between industrial workers and corporate capitalists, Victorian moralists and New Women, Protestants and Catholic immigrants.


Introduction Part I: The Problem: State and Society, 1890s-1912 Chapter 1. Gilded Age Liberty Chapter 2. New Workers, New Women Chapter 3. The Social Question Part II: Confronting the Issues, 1913-1924 Chapter 4. Progressive Statecraft Chapter 5. The Dynamics of Total War Chapter 6. Response to Revolution Chapter 7. Restoration by Repression Part III: The Resolution, 1925-1938 Chapter 8. The New Era of Corporate Capitalism Chapter 9. Managing the Depression: Hoover and Roosevelt Chapter 10. Rendezvous with Destiny Conclusion Abbreviations Selected Bibliography Notes Index


Alan Dawley is Professor of History, The College of New Jersey.


A superb book, much the best general account of 20th century American history to have been published in many years. It seems to be a model of the new approaches to American history, especially for the ways in which it combines social and political history. Dawley does more to make sense of the general theme of social justice, the defining theme of the past couple of generations, than anyone else. The book is superbly well written and effectively organized. It should become the leading college text in its subject, and I hope that it will also find a large general audience, for it will be of real interest to the learned public. -- Stanley N. Katz American Council of Learned Societies Historians have been calling for years for syntheses of the new scholarship of the last generation. Dawley has now provided one...He dusts democracy off and places it back where it belongs, at the center of the story...His argument helps restore balance to our conception of "progressivism" and to our understanding of the larger liberal world of which, he reminds us, democratic impulses were once (and we must hope remain) a vital part. -- Alan Brinkley Times Literary Supplement
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