Olympian Odes. Pythian Odes

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April 1997



Of the Greek lyric poets, Pindar (ca. 518-438 B.C.) was ' by far the greatest for the magnificence of his inspiration' in Quintilian's view; Horace judged him ' sure to win Apollo's laurels.' The esteem of the ancients may help explain why a good portion of his work was carefully preserved. Most of the Greek lyric poets come down to us only in bits and pieces, but nearly a quarter of Pindar's poems survive complete. WilliamH. Race now brings us, in two volumes, a new edition and translation of the four books of victory odes, along with surviving fragments of Pindar's other poems.< /P>


Race succeeds admirably in furnishing the text and translation with a concise and helpful introduction, thereby elucidating the social and literary background of the poems that follow. Each poem is also accompanied by a succinct introduction and summary. The accompanying index and genealogies are invaluable study aids for students of myth from the primary sources. Most importantly, Race has achieved his aim of creating a readable translation which follows the familiar Loeb format--a feat of considerable ingenuity in the case of Pindar...Race devotes a significant portion of his introduction to a crisp and detailed analysis of the epinikian genre. Technical issues in Pindar's composition of the Odes are equally effectively dealt with...Undergraduates tackling the complexities of this author for the first time will clearly find this volume essential. The more mature devotee will also benefit, thanks to the user-friendly scholarship of these volumes, from a day or two at the races with Race.--John Weeds "Joint Association of Classical Teachers Review "
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