Colonial Discourse / Postcolonial Theory

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The issues of colonialism and imperialism have recently come to the forefront of thinking in the humanities. Disciplines such as history, literature and anthropology are taking stock of their extensive and usually unacknowledged legacy of Empire. At the same time, contemporary cultural theory has had to respond to post-colonial pressure, with its different registers and agendas. This volume ranges, geographically, from Brazil to India and South Africa, from the Andes to the Caribbean and the USA. This range is matched by a breadth of historical perspectives. Central to the whole volume is a critique of the very idea of the "postcolonial" itself. Contributors include Annie Coombes, Simon During, Peter Hulme, Neil Lazarus, David Lloyd, Anne McClintock, Zita Nunes, Benita Parry, Graham Pechey, Mary Louise Pratt, Renato Rosaldo and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak.


Preface Introduction
Chapter 1 Transculturation and autoethnography: Peru 1615/1980 Mary Louise Pratt
Chapter 2 Rousseau's patrimony: primitivism, romance and becoming other Simon During
Chapter 3 The locked heart: the creole family romance of Wide Sargasso Sea Peter Hulme
Chapter 4 The recalcitrant object: culture contact and the question of hybritidy Annie E. Coombes
Chapter 5 Anthropology and race in Brazilian modernism Zita Nunes
Chapter 6 How to read a 'culturally different' book Gayatri Spivak
Chapter 7 Post-apartheid narratives Graham Pechey
Chapter 8 Resistance theory/theorising resistance, or two cheers for nativism Benita Parry
Chapter 9 National consicousness and the specificity of (post) colonial intellectualism Neil Lazarus
Chapter 10 Ethnic cultures, minority discourse and the state David Lloyd
Chapter 11 Social justice and the crisis of national communities Renato Rosaldo
Chapter 12 The angel of progress: pitfalls of the term 'postcolonialism' Anne McClintock References Notes on contributors Index


Francis Barker is a Reader and Peter Hulme is a Professor in the Department of Literature, and Margaret Iversen is a Lecturer in the Department of Art History, all at the University of Essex
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