The Strategic Middle Manager: How to Create and Sustain Competitive Advantage

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A must-read for training professionals, managers, and top executives, Floyd and Wooldridge's work will radically redesign - and drastically improve - your organization's effectiveness.


Part One: The New Middle Management Imperative. 1. Leadership from the Middle: The Changing Demands of Middle Management Work. 2. Competing on Capabilities: The Middle Manager's Role in Leveraging Knowledge and Skills. 3. Realigning Resources and Talent: The Challenge of Organizational Restructuring. Part Two: The New Strategic Roles for Middle Managers. 4. Strategy from the Middle Out. 5. Championing: The Discovery and Proposal of Innovative Initiatives. 6. Synthesizing: Advancing Shared Strategic Understanding. 7. Facilitating: Nurturing Adaptability and Setting the Stage for Renewal. 8. Implementing: Inducing the Vision and Making It Real. Part Three: Unleashing the Power in the Middle. 9. The Challenge of Executive Leadership. 10. Becoming a Strategic Middle Manager. Resources: The Strategic Consensus Questionnaire; A Self-Test of Middle Management Strategic Involvement.


STEVEN W. FLOYD is associate professor of strategic management at the University of Connecticut. BILL WOOLDRIDGE is associate professor of strategic management at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


"The best thing that could happen to a middle manager is to have his or her boss read this book." --Francis Guiliano, retired CEO, Ampad Corporation "An exceptional job of refocusing the middle manager's role?a must read for practitioners and educators alike." --Jack Viega, editor, The Academy of Management Executives
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