Last Operas and Plays

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In the more than seventy-five plays Gertrude Stein wrote between 1913 and 1946, she envisioned a new dramaturgy, beginning with her pictorial conception of a play as a landscape. This book makes available many of Stein's most important and most- produced works.


Contents: Yes Is for a Very Young Man * The Mother of Us All * Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights * A Play of Pounds * A Manoir * Short Sentences * Four Saints in Three Acts * Photography * Also includes the essay "Plays"


To Carl Van Vechten's 1949 selection of some of Stein's most important and most produced plays, this reprint adds the essay Plays, in which Stein elaborates her notion of the play as a landscape and, and a new introduction by Bonnie Marranca. American Literature
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