The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Volume 6: November 2, 1805-March 22, 1806

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Januar 1990



Begining on November 2, 1805, in the second year of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark's epic journey, this sixth volume covers the last leg of the party's route from the Cascades of the Columbia River to the Pacific Coast and their stay at Fort Clatsop, near the river's mouth, until the spring of 1806.


Gary E. Moulton is Thomas C. Sorensen Professor of American History at the University of Nebraska and recipient of the J. Franklin Jameson Award of the American Historical Association for the editing of these journals.


"Lewis and Clark loom over the narrative literature of the West as the Rockies loom over the rivers that run through them. These "Journals" are to the narrative of the American West as the "Iliad" is to the epic or as "Don Quixote" is to the novel: a first exemplar so great as to contain in embryo the genre''s full potential. The narrative writing about the West that came before Lewis and Clark seems fragmentary and slight; what came after them seems insipid and slight, lacking both the scale and the force of those "Journals"."--Larry McMurtry in the "New York Review of Books"--Larry McMurtry "New York Review of Books "
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