Federalism: A Dialogue

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Juli 1995



In 'Federalism: A Dialogue', David Shapiro explores the virtues and defects of federalism as it has developed in this country from a variety of perspectives that include historical, constitutional, economic, social, and political considerations.


Part 1 The case for strong national authority: concepts of federalism impose no sifnificant constitutional limits on the exercise of national authority or on the displacement of state law and regulation by national law; the existence of significant state autonomy is economically counterproductive. Part 2 The case for federalism as a constraint on national authority: the history and text of the constitution, as well as developments during and since its ratification, guarantee both the existence of the states and their right to play a significant role in the federal system; the preservation of a significant policymaking role for the states is not only constitutionally required but also economically, socially and politically desirable. Part 3 Striking the balance - federalism and dialogue: the constitutional and structural bases of our federal system; the exercise of discretion.


David L. Shapiro is William Nelson Cromwell Professor at Harvard Law School. He is the editor of "The Evolution of a Judicial Philosophy: Selected Opinions and Papers of Justice John M. Harlan" and coauthor of Hart and Wechsler's" The Federal Courts and the Federal System "and has published widely in scholarly journals.
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