A Plot of Her Own: The Female Protagonist in Russian Literature

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Juni 1995



A Plot of Her Own presents compelling new readings of major texts in the Russian literary canon, all of which are readily available in translation. The female protagonists in the works examined are inextricably linked with the fundamental issues raised by the novels they inform; the interpretations offered strive not to be reductive or doctrinaire, not to be imposed from the outside but to arise from the texts themselves and the historical circumstances in which they were written. Throughout the volume, the contributors' re-visions expand our understanding of the major works addressed and reveal new significance in them.


Tatiana, Caryl Emerson;"oh-la-la" and "No-no-no" - Odintsova as woman alone in "Fathers and children", Jane T. Costlow; the judgement of "Anna Karenina", Amy Mandelker; reading woman in Dostoevsky, Harriet Murav; Sonya's wisdom, Gary Saul Morson; the uses of witches in Fedin and Bulgakov, Elizabeth Klosty Beaujour; the mismeasure of 1-330, Sona Stephan Hoisington; "Cement" and "How the Steel was Tempered" - variations on the new Soviet woman, Thea Margaret Durfee; mother as mothra - totalizing narrative and nurture in Petrushevskaia, Helena Goscilo.
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