The Urban Crisis: Linking Research to Action

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März 1997



Based on conference papers, this volume focuses on employment as it relates to education, worker mobility, crime, public finance, welfare, and relationships between the public and private sectors as a key factor in resolving urban problems.


Part 1 Connections between urban problems and jobs: welfare reform and employment - what we know, and what we still need to know, Greg Duncan; legal and illegal work - crime, work and unemployment, Jeffrey Fagan; spatial mismatch - housing, transportation and employment in regional perspective, Roberto M. Fernandez; schools and the world of work, James E. Rosenbaum. Part 2 Organizational co-ordination: urban fiscal problems - co-ordinating actions among governments, Howard Chernick and Andrew Reschovsky; public-private partnerships amd the "crisis" of local government, Jerome Rothenberg. Part 3 Searching for solutions: what policymakers need from the research community - views from the frontline; an urban research agenda.
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