The United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Program: Formulation of Standards and Efforts at Their Implementation

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Januar 1994



In December 1991 the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution entitled "Creation of an Effective United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Program." That resolution sought to consolidate and restructure a program in international cooperation in the criminal justice area that had existed from the early days of the United Nations. In particular, the resolution provided for the creation of a new intergovernmental body to oversee the program, the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. This book, by Roger S. Clark, examines the UN program and its prospects under the arrangements devised by the General Assembly. Clark concisely recounts its history and its activities, describes the adoption of the various United Nations norms and standards that originated within the program, provides a detailed consideration of some of the major instruments adopted under the auspices of the program, and examines efforts to progress from the promulgation of standards and norms to their monitoring and implementation.


By Roger S. Clark


"This book combines criminal justice, international law, and organizational analyses. It serves as a useful overview and catalogue of UN criminal justice standards for a variety of professionals and can be used in teaching courses on international law and comparative criminal law. The work will be extremely valuable for years to come."-International Enforcement Law Reporter "Roger Clark's book is accurate, well written, and perceptive. It is an essential foundation of knowledge for anyone who seeks to understand the problems of international collaboration in crime control."-Criminal Law Forum "The first book in any language to examine UN activities since 1945 in criminal justice and to critically assess evolving organizational structures and efforts at setting and implementing standards."-Future Survey "A valuable sourcebook for those interested in criminal justice policy the world over."-Criminal Law Review
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