The Rodrigo Chronicles: Conversations about America and Race

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In The Rodrigo Chronicles, Delgado adopts his trademark storytelling approach that casts aside the dense, dry language so commonly associated with legal writing to offer up a series of incisive and compelling conversations about race in America.


"An excellent starting place for the national discussion about race we so desperately need." --The Washington Post Book World "A novel in which two 'intellectuals of color'--the narrator, a middle-aged law professor, and his protege, Rodrigo Crenshaw--sit down and hash out the issues of our time... Intellectually exuberant" --Los Angeles Times "A probing, thoughtful explication of the unexamined myths and assumptions that condition so many current U.S. public policy debates." --Booklist "Richard Delgado is a triple pioneer. He was the first to question free speech ideology; he and a few others invented Critical Race Theory, and he is both a theorist and an exemplar of the importance of story-telling to the workings of the law. This volume brings all of Delgado's strengths together in a stunning performance." --Stanley Fish, author of There's No Such Thing as Free Speech; and It's a Good Thing, Too.
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