Child Abuse in Freud's Vienna: Postcards from the End of the World

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Februar 1995



On the cusp of the twentieth century, in the most cosmopolitan city in the world, there arose a sensation that entranced the city's populace as nothing had before--a sensation that cast a great and disturbing shadow over the city, and then vanished, leaving no more trace than a shadow would. This book is the story of that forgotten sensation in this fabled city. In the autumn of 1899, Vienna's attention was focused not on its extraordinary cultural life, but on child abuse--specifically, two cases of child murder and two of abuse.


"A powerful story, one that raises themes that still reverberate." --The New York Times "Wolff tells us a great deal that is disturbing and fascinating both about turn-of-the-century Vienna and about the strange combination of love and loathing out of which child-abuse and even child-murder all too often spring." --The Spectator "Describes one of the great lost opportunities in European social thought. In the end, humankind could not bear very much reality. The waltz began once more, and it drowned the cries of the abused. Two generations elapsed before anyone heeded them again." --New Statesman
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