Transforming Schools

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Government policies at the state, local, and federal levels have always shaped the daily lives of U.S. schools. Issues of equity and access dominate, and the newer issue of global competition is also important. This volume of essays by noted theorists and practitioners considers current educational policy issues. Topics and contributors include: Achievement and Mobility-Aaron Pallas; Tracking-Maureen Hallinan; Dropouts-Gary Natriello; Governing the Big-City School System-Kenneth Wong; International and Comparative Analysis-Rolland Paulston; Politics of a National Curriculum-Michael Apple; School Leadership-James Cibulka; Parental and Community Involvement-Mary Driscoll; Advocacy-Judith Cohen; Reform and Policy-Kathy Borman, et al. An index is provided.


"This is an antidote to the cynicism and disillusionment with schools and other institutions in society. Yes, we can transform the schools, but it will take knowledge and ideas...this book has both."
-Anne Lieberman, Professor and Co-Director, National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools, and Teaching (NCREST), Teachers College, Columbia University
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