Poetics and Praxis, Understanding and Imagination: The Collected Essays of O. B. Hardison Jr.

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Januar 1997



Whether O.B. Hardison Jr. (1929-1990) wrote about government's responsibility to the arts and humanities, film adaptations of Shakespeare's play, Dadaist poetry, or modern and postmodern design and architecture, his chosen form was the essay. Showcasing Hardison's mastery of the essay's power to instruct, persuade, and provoke, the twenty-five selections in this volume range from his earliest works to those completed but still unpublished at the time of his death. As Arthur F. Kinney notes in his preface, they all bear hallmarks of Hardison's style: his intensity and acuity of thought, his concreteness, his grounding of the present and future in the past, his easy melding of analytic and expository conventions, and his intercultural perspective.


Arthur F. Kinney is a professor of English at the University of Massachusetts. Among his many books he is the author of "Flannery O'Connor's Library" and editor of "Poetics and Praxis, Understanding and Imagination" (both Georgia).
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