Fictions of Canadian W-P

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Mai 1994



""Coyote Country" is an outstanding work, one that adds significantly to the discourse surrounding writing from Western Canada. By grounding his discussion in contemporary theory--especially that of post-colonialism--Davidson's argument will be most welcome by those interested in western fiction, both in Canada and the United States."--Robert Thacker, St. Lawrence University


Arnold E. Davidson is Research Professor of Canadian Studies at Duke University. He is the author of four previous books and editor of three, most of them on Canadian literature.


"Arnold E. Davidson succeeds in impressing his reader with the many ways in which Canadian writers, to use postmodernism's language, construct the West. Delightfully written, "Coyote Country" will be very useful to the many people currently comparing Canadian and United States literatures, to those focusing on the literary construction of new world frontiers, and to those who are trying to understand alternative literatures that have been all too often excluded from mainstream literary analyses."--Lorna Irvine, George Mason University
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