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"This well-researched, thoughtful, and fair biography of Marina Tsvetaeva especially illuminates that intimate connection between passionate artist and self-destructive woman that, in very different circumstances, also characterized the genius of Sylvia Plath. Against the background of the Russian Revolution, the privations and hardships endured by this uniquely gifted but psychologically damaged Romantic are viewed with a sympathy untouched by sentimentality. I cannot imagine a better introduction to Tsvetaeva's conflicted life and work."--Anne Stevenson, author of "Bitter Fame: A Life of Sylvia Plath"


Lily Feiler is an independent scholar and translator living in New York. Her translation of Victor Shklovsky's "Mayakovsky and His Circle" was nominated for the 1972 National Book Award for Translation.


"The life and poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva, Russia's greatest modern poet, were marked by passion, commitment and craft. The terrifying egotism that fueled her poetry and mythologized her life from childhood to suicide has never been so convincingly set out as in Lily Feiler's psychobiography."--Barbara Heldt, author of "Terrible Perfection: Women and Russian Literature"
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