Class Fictions: Shame and Resistance in the British Working Class Novel, 1890-1945

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November 1994



"Forcefully, often elegantly written, "Class Fictions" is an important addition both to the literature on specific working-class writers and to the more general accounts of how cultural studies has framed the representation of class, and class and gender, in the first half of the twentieth century. This book encourages rather than closes down a debate about the deep ambivalence of class both as a lived and represented meaning. There is nothing quite like it in the field."--Cora Kaplan, Rutgers University


Pamela Fox is Assistant Professor of English at Georgetown University.


"This is the most subtle and yet uncompromising study of working-class fiction to date. Pamela Fox's argument not only displays intelligence at every turn, it also has the kind of integrity it takes to resist the moralizing that accompanies most analyses of working-class culture. It is destined to disturb as well as to inform those who work on cultural studies, nineteenth- and twentieth-century fiction, or cultural history 'from the bottom up.'"--Nancy Armstrong, Brown University
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