Freedom of Choice

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Januar 1999



From the Foreward by Mortimer J. Adler Of all the question or issues concerning human freedom, none is more fundamental in itself and in its consequences than the problem of free choice; and none has been the subject of more persistent and, at the same time, apparently irresolvable controversy.This book.is the perfect antidote for the errors, the misunderstandings - or worse, the ignorances - that beset the modern discussion of free choice. Even the reader who comes to this book with little or no knowledge of the philosophical literature on the subjects that it treats cannot fail to appreciate its remarkable clarity, its felicitous combination of detailed concreteness with abstract precision, its exploration of common experience and its elucidation of common sense, and, above all, the intelligibility, reasonableness, and fairness of its exposition of free choice.


Yves R. Simon is author of several books, including The Definition of Moral Virtue and The Tradition of Natural Law available from Fordham University Press.


aA fine example of the reliable research and precise description so long associated with Simonas writings.a
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