Beyond a Mountain Valley: The Simbu of Papua New Guinea

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Dezember 1995



The Simbu of highland New Guinea knew only their tribal mountain valley until 1933, when airplanes and white strangers intruded upon their world. Beyond a Mountain Valley focuses on Simbu memories, performance, and conceptions over the last sixty years, particularly those relating to interactions with newcomers and other island peoples. Simbu speak of their awakening, their transitions, their heroes, and their future. Paula Brown provides a thoughtful critique of historical anthropology over the past decade, as well as a discussion of cohorts, generations, and life-course that will serve as a model for students of historical and cultural change in tribal societies. In addition to interviews and life stories collected by the author and others, the work draws on an exhaustive supply of ethnographic sources, including letters, diaries, and government reports, expertly woven together in a compelling narrative.

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