Vitamin B-6 Metabolism in Pregnancy, Lactation, and Infancy

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This book provides a comprehensive review of our knowledge of vitamin B-6 requirements and metabolism throughout pregnancy and lactation. It concentrates on two primary points: adequacy of available methodologies and a presentation of the extant knowledge on vitamin B-6 metabolism and requirements in pregnancy, infancy, lactation, and in women of childbearing age. Many of the chapters offer new perspectives on how decisions have been and are being made with regard to the establishment of dietary recommendations about vitamin B-6 and the adequacy of research to support these decisions.


Historical Perspectives on Our Understanding of Vitamin B-6 in Pregnancy, Lactation, and Infancy, A. Kirksey Dietary Assessment, P.R. Trumbo Biochemical Methods for Status Assessment, R.D. Reynolds Animal and Mathematical Models of Vitamin B-6 Metabolism, S.P. Coburn The Role of Vitamin B-6 in Central Nervous System Development: Neurochemistry and Behavior, T.R. Guilarte Vitamin B-6 Metabolism and the Maternal-Fetal Relationship, A. Smolen Vitamin B-6 in Infancy: Requirements and Current Feeding Practices, M.W. Borschel Vitamin B-6 Needs, Status, and Dietary Recommendations for Lactating Women, P.B. Moser-Veillon Vitamin B-6 Status and Requirements of Women of Child-Bearing Age, C.M. Hansen and J.E. Leklem Clinical and Metabolic Considerations Affecting Vitamin B-6 Status of Premature Infants, D.K. Rassin and D.J. Raiten Therapeutic Uses of Vitamin B-6 in Clinical Disorders of Infancy and Childhood, D.J. Raiten
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