The Biology of Grasses

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Juni 1996



Grasses are put to a multitude of uses by those involved in agriculture and recreation. They are also of importance to environmental biologists; for example those involved in restorative ecology. In this book the biology of grasses is illustrated and elucidated through the use of many
different grass genera and species, drawn from both temperate and tropical zones. Beginning with a discussion of the role of grasses in a changing world, the author provides a thorough treatment of such topics as the generation and dispersal of grasses, their diversity, history, contrasting life
styles, ecology and domestication. The text is supported by the inclusion of high quality line drawings and black and white photographs. There is also a thorough glossary of the terminology associated with grass science. This book bridges the gap between introductory textbooks and research and
technical papers. It is an advanced level reference text for students and teachers of agriculture, plant biology and ecology. It is of particular importance to all those studying the genetics, physiology and taxonomy of grasses.


Grasses in a changing world; grass diversity; the assumption of form; panicles, spikelets and florets; generation and dispersal; taxonomy; from extinct to present day grasses; photosynthesis; contrasted life-styles; grass ecology and disturbance; domestication; maize.


"The style is discursive, full of intriguing observations and miscellaneous facts. . . . This makes the book good fun for one familiar with grasses."--The Quarterly Review of Biology
"There's much here for the economic botanist, including grass domestication...and an extensive review of theories of maize origin....There's an excellent glossary in this book, with those terms peculiar to bamboos given in sans serif type. Read the glossary first, then the book. And enjoy." --Economic Botany
"As a botanist who simply wanted to know more about grasses, I enjoyed this book immensely. . . .It introduces students to the diversity, value and wonder of grasses, and provides an introduction into how traits other than conventional morphologic and molecular data, such as ecological function, geographic distribution and physiology, can be useful in phylogenetic reconstruction."--Plant Science Bulletin
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