Fisheries Management in Crisis: Theory, Practice and Application

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Juli 1996



The present crisis in fisheries management has resulted not only from the uncertainty surrounding biological stock assessment but also from a collapse in confidence in the centralised regulatory systems. The established role of the biological sciences in formulating fisheries policies and strategies for challenged, and alternative systems are now firmly on the scientific and political agenda. This new work assembles expert contributions from Europes leading social scientists, sociologists, social anthropologists, political scientists and geographers who have been actively involved in fisheries management research. Together they provide a contemporary and critical analysis of existing strategies whilst examining opportunities for alternative systems based on principles of subsidiarity, regionalisation, and co-management.


Preface. Contributors. Introduction. 1. Fishing in Troubled Waters (David Symes). I. THE SOCIAL DIMENSION OF FISHERIES POLICY. 2. Social Considerations in Fisheries Planning and Management -- Real Objectives or a Defence of the Status Quo (Bjorn Hersoug). 3. Social Objectives as Social Contracts in a Turbulent Economy (A...ge Mariussen). 4. Community Fishing or Fishing Communities (Audun Sandberg). II. ALTERNATIVE PROPERTY RIGHTS SYSTEMS. 5. Property Rights and Practical Knowledge: The Icelandic Quota System Gisli Palsson and Agnar Helgason). 6. Trade in Fishing Rights in the Netherlands: A Maritime Environment Market (Ellen Hoefnagel). 7. Marine Management in Coastal Japan (Arne Kalland). III. SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS AND FISHERIES MANAGEMENT. 8. Social Adaptations to a Fluctuating Resource (Torben Vestergaard). 9. Ancient Institutions Confronting Change: The Catalan Fishermen's Cofradias (Juan--Luis Alegret). 10. Leviathan Management or Customary Administration: The Search for New Institutional Arrangements (Serge Collet). 11. Management and Practice in the Small--Scale Inshore Fisheries of the French Mediterranean (Annie--Helene Dufour). IV. LOCAL AND REGIONAL DIMENSIONS OF FISHERIES POLICY. 12. Fisherman Households and Fishing Communities in Greece: A Case Study of Nea Michaniona (Katia Frangoudes). 13. The Breton Fishing Crisis in the 1990s: Local Society in the Throes of Enforced Change (Genevieve Delbos and Gerard Premel). 14. Regional Concepts in the Development of the Common Fisheries Policy: The Case of the Atlantic Arc (Mark Wise). 15. Adapting to the CFP? Globality and New Possibilities for the Faroese Fishing Industry (Jogvan Morkore). V. FISHERIES IN A GLOBAL FOOD SYSTEM. 16. The European Fishing Industry: Deregulation and the Market (Peter Friis). 17. The Geopolitics of Fish: The Case of the North Atlantic (A-rn D. Jonsson). Conclusion. 18. Sailing into Calmer Waters (Kevin Crean and David Symes). Bibliography. Index.
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