Gender and German Cinema

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November 1993



International film has received some of its most original impulses from German film makers however the works by women directors in German speaking countries have been largely ignored in spite of the important social, political and historical issues they have raised. This is the first work to consider the broad spectrum of German cinema through the category of gender. These volumes will be standard handbooks in film studies for many years to come.


Sandra Frieden Assistant Professor of German,University of Houston Richard W McCormick Associate Professor of German, University of Minnesota Vibeke R Petersen Associate Professor of German, University of Tulsa Laurie Melissa Vogelsang Department of Germanic Languages and Literature,Yale University


'These two volumes are greatly to be welcomed and contain a wealth of informative, enjoyable and critically sophisticated essays.'GSLG Newsletter'Represents a solid and scholarly examination of the subject...an excellent contribution.'AUMLA Journal of the Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association
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