Women and Space: Ground Rules and Social Maps

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April 1993



Second, Revised Edition The relationship between women and space has now been recognized as an important issue for feminist discussion. Developments in psychology and geography have encouraged the use of social maps' to explore the way in which space is perceived. This book presents fascinating ethnographic evidence collected by the authors from actresses, politicians, farmers and housewives in England, Africa, Iran, Peru, Greece and the former Soviet Union. This evidence illustrates how space must be considered both in its physical dimensions and in its social and symbolic aspects, as experienced by women.


Contents: S. Ardener, Ground Rules and Social Maps for Women: An Introduction - S.L. Skar, Andean Women and the Concept of Space/Time - S. Rodgers, Women's Space in a Mens's House: The British House of Commons - R. Hirschon, Essential Objects and the Sacred in an Urban Greek Locality - L. Sciama, The Problem of Privacy in Mediterranean Anthropology - J. Khatib-Chahidi, Sexual Prohibitions, Shared Space and Fictive Marriage in Shi'ite Iran - S. Wright, Place and Face: Of Women in Doshman Ziari, Iran - T. Dragadze, The Sexual Division of Domestic Space among Two Soviet Minorities: The Georgians and the Tadjiks - H. Callaway, Spatial Domains and Women's Mobility in Yorubaland, Nigeria - R. Ridd, Where Women Must Dominate: Response to Oppression in a South African Urban Community - J. Blair, Private Parts in Public Places: The Case of Actresses


Mrs Shirley Ardener Centre for Cross-Cultural Research on Women,University of Oxford


'... fascinating in the variety of accounts of the different settings in and through which women experience the world.'Journal of Environmental Psychology
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