The God of Modernity: The Development of Nationalism in Western Europe

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August 1996



Considers how nationalism has become one of the most powerful ideologies of modern times. The author considers the medieval roots of the nation; approaches and structural theories used to explain the development of nationalism; and the role of cultural and political influences.


Part 1 The nation - a medieval heritage: prelude to nationhood; domains of statehood and nationhood. Part 2 The development of nationalism - structural factors: capitalism and nationalism; state and nationalism; civil society, social class and nationalism; church and nationalism. Part 3 The development of nationalism - ideological factors: the political nationalism of Rousseau. Part 4 The development of nationalism - historical processes: the force of historical events - the French Revolution and nationalism; nationalist paths to modernity. Part 5 Theoretical recapitulation.


Josep R. Llobera Visiting Professor of Anthropology,University College London


'The author knows the relevant literature extremely well and is also well acquainted with current debates and with theories on nationalism and nation-building. His knowledge of the subject, his insights and his judgements make [the book] very useful and intelligent reading.'Professor Peter Alter, German Historical Institute, London'... his evident familiarity with the current literature on nationalism is impressive, and his summaries of the arguments of major thinkers on the issue make his book a useful addition to the debate.'Journal of European Studies'... will take its place among the canon on nationalism. His reading of the relevant literature is exhaustive but well assimilated and discussed with sensitivity.'Canadian Review of Studies on Nationalism' ... an incredibly rich quarry to be mined by all those wanting a guide to the contested origins and controversies surrounding the western European nations. Llobera's learning is formidable and this book deserves a pl
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