Molecular Methods in Plant Pathology

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Molecular Methods in Plant Pathology covers methods in phytopathology at the molecular level, including PCR techniques, electron microscopy, tissue culturing, and the cloning of disease-resistant genes. Phytopathologists, botanists, horticulturists, and anyone working in agriculture will find this a useful reference on biophysical, biochemical, biomolecular, and biotechnological methods.


Biophysical Methods X-Ray Microanalysis, W.M. Hess, C.Z. Hess, and M.D. Standing Immuno-Electron Microscopy, N. Benhamou and R. Belanger Diagnosing Plant Virus Diseases by Light Microscopy, R.G. Christie, J.R. Edwardson, and G.W. Simone Use of DNA Binding Fluorochromes for Nuclear Staining in Fungi, U.S. Singh, A. Sachan, J. Kumar, and P. Singh Virion Gel Electrophoresis, R.P. Singh and N.R.M. Watts On the Mechanism of Viroid Strain Separation in Gel Electrophoresis, N.R.M. Watts and R.P. Singh Electrophoretic Karyotyping: Method and Applications, D. Mills, K. McCluskey, B.W. Russell, and J. Agnan Biochemical Methods Biochemical Markers for Disease Resistance, R. Reuveni Isozymes: Methods and Applications, J.A. Micales and M.R. Bonde Biomolecular Methods Nucleic Acid Hybridization Methods in Diagnosis of Plant Viruses and Viroids, O.V. Nikolaeva Tissue Print Hybridization for the Detection and Localization of Plant Viruses, T.-F. Chia, Y.-S. Chan, and N.-H. Chua Transposon and Marker Exchange Mutagenesis, G.H. Lacy and V.K. Stromberg Polymerase Chain Reaction Technology in Plant Pathology, A. Hadidi, L. Levy, and E.V. Podleckis Gene Transfer to Higher Plants, R.R. Mendel and R.M. Hansch Arabidopsis as a Model Host in Molecular Plant Pathology, R. Innes Isolation and Cloning of Plant Disease Resistance Genes, N.D. Young Molecular Strategies to Develop Virus Resistant Plants, J.N. Culver Engineering Disease Resistance in Plants, R.A. Dixon, N.L. Paiva, and M.K, Bhattacharyya Biotechnological Methods Present Problems in and Aspects of Breeding for Disease Resistance, J.E. Parlevliet Dual Culture: Fungi, O.K. Sinha Dual Culture: Nematodes, S. Verdejo-Lucas Protoplast Culture: Viruses and Viroids, A. Gera ELISA Methodology, R.K. Khetrapal and C.A. Kumar Methods for the Production of Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies, R. Mernaugh and G. Mernaugh Phage Displayed Recombinant Antibodies: An Overview, R. Mernaugh and G. Mernaugh Direct Tissue Blot Immunoassay for Analysis of Plant Pathogens, H.-T. Hsu, R.H. Lawson, N.-S. Lin, and Y.-H.H. Hsu Monoclonal Antibodies to Fungal Pathogens: Basic and Applied Aspects, K. Wycoff and L.M. Brill Production and Application of Monoclonal Antibodies to Plant Pathogenic Bacteria, Spiroplasma, and Mycoplasma-Like Organisms, R. Jordan Monoclonal Antibodies: Viruses, K. Ohshima Monoclonal Antibodies: Nematodes, J.M.S. Forrest Immunological Methods for the Detection of Toxins and Pesticides, T.-C. Tseng Plant Disease Diagnosis: Biotechnological Approaches, S.A. Miller Monitoring of Biocontrol Agents and Genetically Engineered Microorganisms in the Environment: Biotechnological Approaches, M.H. Ryder Monitoring of Fungicide Resistance in Fungi: Biological to Biotechnological Approaches, H. Ishii
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