The Birds of North Central Texas

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Dezember 1988



"The Birds of North Central Texas" is the culmination of a seven-year study by Warren M. Pulich, who set out to assess and evaluate the avifauna within the 25,000-square-mile area rather than to produce a field guide. With the aid of trusted observers, the author has compiled information on arrival and departure dates and peak numbers during migration for approximately 400 species. Texas' large variety of bird species is due to the convergence of four vegetation zones in the north central region of the state. In effect, species predominating in the moister eastern portions of the region mingle with species inhabiting the mesquite and cacti of the dry western reaches of the study area. The presence of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and its numerous birders and visitors has ensured volumes of data for sorting and study. Ornithology students, visiting naturalists, environmentalists, and dedicated birders will find this book a valuable aid to understanding more clearly the status of birds in north central Texas.


Warren M. Pulich is associate professor of biology at the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas.
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