Fresh Ink: Behind the Scenes of a Major Metropolitan Newspaper

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Mai 1995



By offering an inside look at what is arguably the most successful newspaper in the country, this book makes an important contribution to the history of journalism. It answers such questions as: How do stories get selected for the front page? How does a newspaper balance the needs of its readers with those of its advertisers? How do the people being written about respond to the coverage? David Gelsanliter chose The Dallas Morning News because it was a family controlled newspaper which was quickly becoming the leading newspaper in the southwest, winning six Pulitzer Prizes along the way, one of them for graphics - the only newspaper ever to do so. The focus is on a week in the life of The Morning News, the death a month later of its rich and powerful rival the Dallas Times Herald and how The News has challenged some of the industry's conventional wisdoms.


David Gelsanliter served as a diplomat in South America, West Africa and Washington, D.C. After eleven years with Knight-Ridder newspapers in Charlotte, Miami, and Philadelphia, he became general manager of the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News . Now a writer living in New Mexico, his previous book was "Jump Start: ""Japan""""Comes"" to the Heartland."
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