Building Sustainable Societies: A Blueprint for a Post-Industrial World: A Blueprint for a Post-Industrial World

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This collection of previously unpublished articles addresses in a comprehensive fashion the 1990s' question of whether the industrial model of human progress can be sustained in the long run. It analyzes the social, political. economic, and environmental implications as well as potential solutions to the problem of resource-intensive growth. Twenty experts consider matters on a global scale, focusing on institutional and value issues, international issues such as Global North vs. Global South, and the debate between growth and development.


International intervention in internal wars has gained rhetorical legitimacy in the post-cold war period, but in practice it has remained problematic. Response to these conflicts has remained mainly diplomatic and military - and belated. Is there anything international actors can do to prevent, or at least ameliorate, such conflicts? Are conflict-prevention measures already being attempted, and sometimes succeeding so well that we are unaware of their effectiveness? If so, what can we learn from them? In this book, Robert J. Muscat, a veteran international development expert who has worked in South America, South and Southeast Asia, East Africa, and the Balkans, attempts to answer these questions. Drawing on the work of others as well as his own extensive experience, he reviews the accrued insights into the causes of internal conflict. He examines nine cases in which the work of development agencies exacerbated or ameliorated the root causes of conflict. This permits some generalizations about the efficacy or deleterious effects of development programs - and of their futility when the conflict-prevention dimension of international assistance efforts is ignored.
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