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Juni 1995



The radical feminist movement has undergone significant transformation from the direct action of the 1960s and 1970s to the backlash against feminism in the 1980s and 1990s. This title traces the changing definitions of feminism as the movement has evolved. It documents subtle variations in feminist identity.


Acknowledgments Introduction 1. Radical Feminism in Columbus, Ohio 2. The Evolution of Radical Feminist Identity 3. Changers and the Changed: Radical Feminists in the Reagan Years 4. Keeping the Faith: Working for Social Change 5. United We Stand: The Impact of the Women's Movement on Other Social Movements 6. Feminists in the "Postfeminist" Age: The Women's Movement in the 1980s 7. The Next Wave Conclusion: Persistence and Transformation of Social Movements Appendix: Women's Movement Organizations and Dates, Columbus, Ohio Notes Index


"No one has explored the sources of diversity and 'generational conflict' within movements with more theoretical insight and empirical rigor than Whittier. Her book breaks significant new ground in this regard and serves, as well, as an important addition to the history of the women's movement during the somewhat neglected period of the Reagan years." --Doug McAdam, University of Arizona "This book is both an explosion of the myth of 'postfeminism' and a searching look at the reality of transformations that the women's movement has undergone. In her case study of grassroots feminism in a single city, Whittier demonstrates how understanding continuity and change in the women's movement requires attention to both the collective identities that women have forged for themselves and the persistence of organizations they have founded. She integrates the best of contemporary social movement theory and careful ethnography to provide an insightful account of feminist activism over nearly thirty years." --Myra Marx Ferree, University of Connecticut "At last, a sympathetic account of radical feminism by a scholar/activist from the so-called 'post-feminist' generation. Whittier draws from cutting edge ideas in social movements to illustrate the generational dynamics that have transformed the women's movement. An eminently readable and first-rate book that will change the way we think about the impact of the modern women's movement." --Verta Taylor, Ohio State University
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