Young Unwed Fathers PB

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Oktober 1994



Provides various steps toward understanding "street people" in Santa Barbara - and elsewhere.


Acknowledgments 1. Introduction: Evolution of Unwed Fatherhood as a Policy Issue Robert I. Lerman and Theodora J. Ooms Part I: Who Young Unwed Fathers Are 2. A National Profile of Young Unwed Fathers Robert I. Lerman 3. Young Fathers and Parenting in a Central City Mercer L. Sullivan 4. Sex Codes and Family Life Among Poor Inner-City Youths Elijah Anderson 5. Risking Paternity: Sex and Contraception Among Adolescent Males Freya L. Sonenstein, Joseph H. Pleck, and Leighton C. Ku 6. When and Why Fathers Matter: Impacts of Father Involvement on the Children of Adolescent Mothers Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr. and Kathleen Mullan Harris Part II: Rights and Obligations 7. Legal Rights and Obligations: An Uneven Evolution Ruth-Arlene W. Howe 8. Ethical Dimensions of Young Unwed Fatherhood George W. Harris Part III: Policies and Programs 9. Creating Federal Leadership in Research and Policy Development Linda Mellgren 10. Paternity Actions and Young Fathers Esther Wattenberg 11. The Problems and Promise of Child Support Policies Sandra K. Daziger, Carolyn K. Kastner, and Terri J. Nickel 12. In-Kind Contributions as Child Support: The Teen Alternative Parenting Program Maureen A. Pirog-Good 13. Involving Unwed Fathers in Adoption Counseling and Teen Pregnancy Programs M. Laurie Leitch, Anne M. Gonzalez, and Theodora J. Ooms 14. The Role of Unwed Fathers in the Abortion Decision Arthur B. Shostak 15. Service Programs to Help Unwed Fathers Joelle Sander 16. Employment Patterns of Unwed Fathers and Public Policy Robert I. Lerman List of Contributors Index


"Homeless in Paradise combines participant-observation data, interviews, and analysis of structural data to produce one of the best books I have read on homelessness." --Elliot Liebow "Rosenthal has put a human face on the problem of homelessness. He gives us the opportunity to get to know homeless people as individuals not just stick figures or stereotypes. Homeless in Paradise traces the political, social, and economic forces that produce this destitution and suffering. Yet, as importantly, it directs us toward humane public policies at all levels of government." --Peter Dreier "In Homeless in Paradise, Rob Rosenthal gives us a powerful and disturbing picture of how society's structural conditions are played out in the lives of homeless individuals. This fascinating and provocative book is carefully researched and theoretically grounded, and it is unique in its rich portrayal of homelessness from the perspective of homeless persons themselves. This book is essential reading for anyone who studies homeless or any other 'problem populations.'" --Marjorie Robertson, Ph.D., Alcohol Research Group, California Pacific
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