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Combines sociological analysis with ethnographic description to give us insight into the history and practice of how we as human beings construct animals, and by extrapolation, how we construct ourselves and others in relation to them.


Acknowledgments Introduction: Bringing Animals to the Center Part I: The Human-Animal Tribe 1. The Human Point of View 2. Learning from Animals Part II: Living with Contradiction 3. Speaking for Dogs 4. The Institutional Self of Shelter Workers 5. Systems of Meaning in Primate Las 6. Boundary Work in Nazi German 7. The Sociozoologic Scale Conclusion: Paradox and Change References Index


"The ways in which we 'regard' animals have a great deal to do with the ways in which we regard ourselves and the social contexts in which we live, the authors suggest...Each of them has spent considerable time working in shelters, research laboratories, and other institutions where human-animal interactions take place...The book is packed with interesting facts and intriguing insight." --The Bloomsburg Review "It is clearly not the authors' objective to preach or judge, but rather to observe the socially constructed view of animals that ultimately sheds brilliant light on the humans who are doing the constructing." --Publishers Weekly
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