Truth and Meaning

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This lucid and wide-ranging volume constitutes a self-contained introduction to the elements and key issues of the philosophy of language.


1. Fregean Beginnings. 2. Definite Descriptions and Other Objects of Wonder. 3. Truth and Meaning: the Tarskian Paradigm. 4. Foundations of Intentional Semantics. 5. Language and Context. 6. Language in Action.


Kenneth Taylor is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Stanford University. He is the author of numerous articles on the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of language.


"The best blend of technical competence, philosophical sophistication and topical coverage currently available in an introduction to the philosophy of language." Robert M. Harnish, University of Arizona "This is a first--rate introduction to the topics and philosophers it covers, from Frege through theories of truth to intentional semantics, the metaphysics of modality, translation, language in action, speech acts, and more. The book is well--written, clear, accessible, and thorough. Many students will be stimulated to explore the issues further, and will have a solid base from which to do so." John F. Post, Vanderbilt University
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