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Presents an inviting approach to developing conversation fluency.This book presents picture dictionary-type pages, along with conversation and grammar practice, that provide readers with the vocabulary and speakinq skills they need for everyday life.


UNIT 1: SOCIAL COMMUNICATION Introduction and Greetings More About You Congratulations Apologies Good and Bad Manners Helping Each Other Expressing Sympathy Review UNIT 2: PERSONAL LIFE Daily Life Favorite Foods Personality Characteristics Friends Childhood Memories Cultural Identity Life Story Future Plans, Hopes, and Dreams Learning Styles Review UNIT 3: FAMILY LIFE Families Falling in Love Marriage Having a Baby Growing Up Parenting After School Divorce Growing Old Review UNIT 4: COMMUNITY AND CONSUMER LIFE Around Town Community Services Utility Services Mailing Services Telephone Services Shopping in Today's World Shopping for Clothes Returns and Exchanges School and Community Lifelong Learning Recreation Review UNIT 5: STAYING HEALTHY Taking Care of Yourself Staying Healthy Outdoors Home Remedies Medical Care Emergency Care Pharmacy Poisons Counseling Review UNIT 6: HOUSING Places to Live Inside Your home Finding the Knight Home Utility Problems Tenants and Landlords Insuring Your Property Moving Answering the Door Neighborhood Problems Neighborhood Improvements UNIT 7: TRANSPORTATION AND TRAVEL Commuting Learning to drive Driving Problems Buying a Car On Vacation Traveling by Car Bus and Train Travel Air Travel Review UNIT 8: FINDING A JOB Jobs in Your Community Your Occupation The Right Job for you Looking for a Job Applying for a Job Wages and Benefits Review UNIT 9: LIFE AT WORK Starting a New Job Instructions at Work Doing a Good Job Injuries at Work Deductions from Pay Spending Money Paying Taxes Leaving a Job Review UNIT 10: IN THE NEWS Class News News Media Weather and Natural Disasters Sports News Entertainment News Crime in the News Heroes in the News Local News World News Politics and Government in the News Review APPENDIX Conversation Springboards Grammar for Conversation Contents Grammar for Conversation Maps Speech/Audience Evaluation Forms Activities Guide Alphabetical Word List to Picture Dictionary
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