Career Focus: A Personal Job Search Guide

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November 1997



This straightforward book challenges the reader to complete a successful job search. It focuses on self-assessment techniques, sound career development theory, and individual applications.Covering a wide range of topics while presenting specific skills, this comprehensive guide prompts the reader to take an active role in the job search. It presents the latest job search technologies, including computer-generated resumes, electronically scannable resumes, Internet resume sites, electronic company research, and Internet job searches. It also discusses the uses of professional portfolios. The second edition of Career Focus: A Personal Job Search Guide has been revised to include new chapters on the Internet Job Search; Evaluating a Job Offer; and Designing Job Success. It includes expanded coverage of computer-generated resumes, Internet resume sites, and electronic sources of company research; networking; as well as interviewing techniques and professional portfolios.


1. Introduction: The First Steps. 2. Knowing Yourself: The Assessment Game. 3. The Resume: Your Ticket to Interviews. 4. References: Kinds Words from Friends. 5. Letters: Cornerstone of Job Search Communication. 6. Job Applications: Techniques and Tips. 7. Company Research: The Why's and How's. 8. Networking, Telemarketing, Career Fairs: Fast Tracks to Employment. 9. The Interview: The Ultimate Business Meeting. 10. Testing: A Job Search Reality. 11. Job Searching on the Internet: The Electronic Edge. 12. Job Search Strategies. 13. Evaluating a Job Offer: Company A or Company B? 14. Designing Job Success. 15. Post Assessment Survey. You Can Do It.
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