Thermal Environmental Engineering

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<DT>This text presents a comprehensive introduction to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning that begins with the basic principles of engineering science and leads to the latest HVAC design practice. Its engineering approach emphasizes both fundamentals and realistic applications.


I. INTRODUCTION. 1. Introduction to Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration. 2. Review of Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, and Heat Transfer. II. REFRIGERATION. 3. Mechanical Vapor-Compression Refrigeration Cycles. 4. Mechanical Vapor-Compression Refrigeration Components and Systems. 5. Absorption Refrigeration. 6. Ultralow-Temperature Refrigeration: Cryogenics. III. PSYCHROMETRICS. 7. Thermodynamic Properties of Moist Air. 8. Psychometric Processes and Applications. 9. The Psychrometer and Humidity Measurement. IV. HEAT- AND MASS-TRANSFER PROCESSES AND APPLICATIONS. 10. Direct-Contact Transfer Processes Between Moist Air and Water. 11. Heating and Cooling of Moist Air by Extended Surface Coils. 12. Human Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality. 13. Solar Radiation. V. HEATING- AND COOLING-LOAD CALCULATIONS IN BUILDINGS. 14. Winter Design Heat Loss. 15. Instantaneous Heat Gain. 16. Instantaneous Cooling Load. 17. Energy-Estimation Methods. VI. AIR AND WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM DESIGN. 18. Air-Distribution System and Duct Design. 19. Hydronic System Operation and Design. Appendix A. Thermodynamic and Thermophysical Property Tables. Appendix B. Weather Data. Appendix C. Refrigerant, Cryogenic, and Psychrometric Charts. Index.
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