Exercises in Rethinking Innateness [With Two Disks]

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April 1997



This book is the companion volume to Rethinking Innateness: AConnectionist Perspective on Development (The MIT Press, 1996), which proposed a newtheoretical framework to answer the question "What does it mean to say that abehavior is innate?" The new work provides concrete illustrations--in the form ofcomputer simulations--of properties of connectionist models that are particularlyrelevant to cognitive development. This enables the reader to pursue in depth someof the practical and empirical issues raised in the first book. The authors' largergoal is to demonstrate the usefulness of neural network modeling as a researchmethodology.The book comes with a complete software package, including demonstrationprojects, for running neural network simulations on both Macintosh and Windows 95.It also contains a series of exercises in the use of the neural network simulatorprovided with the book. The software is also available to run on a variety of UNIXplatforms.


The methodology of simulations; learning to use the simulator; learning internal representations; autoassociation; generalization; translation invariance; simple recurrent networks; critical points in learning; modeling stages in cognitive development; learning the English past tense; the importance of starting small.
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