Nuclear Rites

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Februar 1998



"An extremely important work. . . . It demonstrates the power that ethnographic analysis can have when directed at an examination of our own society's central nervous system."--Faye Ginsburg, author of "Contested Lives"Essential reading for anyone trying to understand what Cold War science was in all its cultural aspects and what this same science now in transformation might yet be."--George E. Marcus, co-editor of "The Traffic in Culture


Hugh Gusterson is Associate Professor of Anthropology and Science Studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


"Reading this fascinating and fairly written book is the best way to understand the moral dilemma that has haunted the inventors of high explosives, from Alfred Nobel to J. Robert Oppenheimer. . . . An anthropologist with a keen sense of humor, Gusterson illuminates this thorough study with poignant details."--Roger Rapoport, "San Francisco Chronicle
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