Spin Glasses

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Juni 1993



A comprehensive account of the theory, experimental work and computer modelling of spin glasses.


1. Introduction; 2. Models, order parameters, and systems; 3. Mean field theory I: Ising model, equilibrium theory; 4. Introduction to dynamics; 5. Mean field theory II: Ising dynamics; 6. Mean field theory III: vector spins; 7. Short-range interactions: low-temperature properties; 8. Beyond mean field theory; 9. Dynamics on many time scales; 10. Specific heat, sound propagation and transport properties; 11. Competition between spin glass and ferromagnetic or antiferromagnetic order; 12. One-dimensional models; 13. Random fields and random anisotropy; 14. The physics of complexity; 15. A short history of spin glasses.


'... [an] excellent and timely book ... a superb introduction to this fascinating field.' Physics Today '... an excellent introduction to the subject ... by two of the physicists who have played a major role in its development ... a very complete introduction which will surely become an essential text for anyone wishing to enter the subject ...' Physics World 'Any major research library in the physical sciences or the science of complexity should have [this book] ... also recommended to specialists in any of the relevant fields.' Philip W. Anderson, American Journal of Physics
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