The Politics of Postmodernity

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Essays on postmodernity from outstanding thinkers in a wide range of academic fields.


Acknowledgements; Notes on contributors; 1. Introduction: postmodernity and the political James Good and Irving Velody; Part I. Modernity and Vicissitudes: 2. Parvenu and pariah: heroes and victims of modernity Zygmunt Bauman; 3. Private and public in 'late modern' democracy Geoffrey Hawthorn and Camilla Lund; 4. Modernity and disenchantment: some reflections on Charles Taylor's diagnosis Quentin Skinner; 5. Postmodernism and 'the end of philosophy' David Cooper; Part II. The Critique of Modernist Political Thought: 6. Antinomies of modernist political thought: reasoning, context and community Raymond Plant; 7. Master narratives and feminist subversions Diana Coole; 8. In different voices: deliberative democracy and aestheticist politics Judith Squires; Part III. Technology and the Politics of Culture: 9. Technology, modernity, politics Herminio Martins; 10. Surrogates and substitutes: new practices for old? Marilyn Strathern; 11. Postmodernism, the sublime and ethics Roy Boyne.
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