After the First Three Minutes

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Februar 1998



In lucid, informal prose and avoiding technical jargon and mathematics, the author carefully pieces together an engaging story of the evolution of our universe. For general readers who want to come to grips with what we actually do, and don't, know about our universe, this book provides an exciting and uncompromising read. 5 photos. Illustrations.


Preface; 1. Introducing the universe; 2. Matter, radiation and forces; 3. Observing the universe; 4. Getting to know the universe; 5. Expanding universe; 6. Forming galaxies; 7. Universe at high redshift; 8. Open questions; Glossary; Further reading; Index.


'From the tiny to the large, from there to here, from then to now, the cosmic itinerary is successfully completed in a lucid exposition that will undoubtedly be reachable and easy to follow for the general reader who already has a basic understanding of mathematics and physics. Never have I read such a non-mathematical account of cosmology in one go. It reads well, is coherent, and makes a brilliant use of vivid examples from everyday life in order to explain issues that otherwise would have seemed incomprehensible, at least to the general reader. Overall, the book appears to be self-contained, well-balanced and structured, and it remains highly stimulating to the very end. I would strongly recommend it as an essential guide to the formation of structures within the framework of contemporary cosmology, and I hope that the reader will enjoy reading it as much as I did.' Vaggelis Kolokotronis, The Observatory 'A renowned cosmologist who has contributed much to the technical literature of his field, Thanu Padmanabhan offers an enjoyable account of our current understanding of galaxy formation and evolution, as well as a comprehensive tour of the necessary physics in After the First Three Minutes ... it's nice to have a book that gets down to the nitty-gritty ... I enjoyed it.' Paul Parsons, New Scientist ' ... a no nonsense popular science book on structure formation in the Universe ... The book develops a clear, detailed picture of cosmology without glossing over details or shying away from difficult concepts : for the serious reader who really wants to learn about the current thinking on cosmology, this is a learn about the current thinking on cosmology, this is a must.' Laurence Quigley, Astronomy and Space 'Anyone with more than a passing interest in cosmology will enjoy this book.' Pam Spence, Astronomy Now
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Untertitel: The Story of Our Universe. 27 b/w illus. 5 tables. Sprache: Englisch.
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