Blacks and Jews in Literary Conversation

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September 1998



Explores the works of leading black and Jewish writers from the 1950s to the 1980s.


Introduction; 1. Mutual textual criticism of Black-Jewish Identity; 2. Crisis and commentary in African-Jewish American relations; 3. Race, homeland, and the construction of Jewish American identity; 4. Cultural autonomy, supersessionism, and the Jew in African American fiction; 5. 'The anguish of the other'; On the mutual displacements, appropriations, and accomodations of culture.


"...Budick's book is a worthy addition to the quickly growing list of texts redefining the study of Black-Jewish relations." Jeffrey Melnick, American Studies "Emily Budick begins this important book by challenging the cultural myth that in their struggle against social injustice, American Jews and blacks enjoyed a special alliance that went awry in the 1960s." Michael Nowlin, American Literature "...the book eloquently voices a theme that runs throughout African American and Jewixh American relations...The most important contribution of Blacks and Jews in Literary Conversation lies in its thorough, thoughtful tracing of these dialogues as it works out, in essay form, the vicissitudes of black-Jewixh relations." Contemporary Literature
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