The Transformation of Democracy: Globalization and Territorial Democracy

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Juli 1997



The Transformation of Democracy? examines whether globalization is transforming the conditions under which liberal democratic politics operate and, given this, what the prospects are for a more democratic world order.


Preface. Introduction. 1. Globalization and Territorial Democracy: an introduction: Anthony McGrew. Part I: Global Transformations:. 2. Globalization and Post-Military Democracy: Martin Shaw. 3. Economic Globalization and the Limits to Liberal Democracy: Robert Cox. 4. Liberal Democracy and the Globalization of Environmental Risks. 5. Counting Women In: globalization, democratization and the women's movement: Donna Dickenson. Part II: Democratizing World Order:. Introduction. 6. Democratization and Human Rights: Tony Evans. 7. Multinational Corporations and Democratic Governance: Grahame Thompson. 8. The European Union: Reconstituting Democracy Beyond the Nation-State: James Goodman. 9. Geo-Governance Without Democracy? Reforming the UN System: Mark Imber. Part III: Conclusion:. 10. Democracy Beyond Borders? Globalization and the Reconstruction of Democratic Theory and Practice: Anthony McGrew. Acknowledgements. Index.


"Many volumes have tacked the question of globalisation, but few approach the topic explicitly in relation to the present and future shape of democracy, particularly in a manner which is accessible to undergraduate students. The Transformation of Democracy? does just that, presenting with clarity the incisive arguments and complex paradoxes associated with this most pertinent of issues in international relations." Times Higher Education Supplement
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