Beginning Qualitative Research: A Philosophical and Practical Guide

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September 1994



The authors have focused this book on the serious, beginning, qualitative researcher - theoretically rigorous, yet with an understandable perspective.; The book has three main features. First, it provides a strong theoretical base for the understanding of competing research paradigms. Secondly, it features a methods section consistent with the non-linear nature of naturalistic inquiry, yet it allows the beginner to see direction. Thirdly, the authors include examples of actual research studies conducted (and completed) in a single year.


Part 1 Philosophic underpinnings: Philosophic underpinnings: an overview; Before beginning research: a philosophic perspective; the qualitative posture: indwelling. Part 2 Designing qualitative research: an overview; generating ideas; building a sample; data collection in the natural setting: studying people, studying setting. Part 3 Data analysis: qualitative data analysis: an overview; qualitative data analysis using the constant comparative method; communicating the outcomes of qualitative research.
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