Contaminating Theatre: Intersections of Theatre, Therapy, and Public Health

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August 1998



Speaking from a breadth of disciplines, themes, and cultural perspectives, the eight essays in this collection offer a wide-ranging view on the ways theatre can be employed in the service of public health.The book begins with a look at the projects of two activist theatre companies: the Theatre Parminou of Quebec's intervention play on domestic violence and the San Francisco Mime Troupe's deconstruction of the tobacco industry's manipulation of teenagers. The next two essays analyze a "theatre for survival", where interventions and productions dealing with AIDS and peer violence are performed for and by New York inner-city youth, and a radio sitcom/soap opera devised to raise AIDS awareness in the Copper Belt region of Zambia. Other essays highlight a therapist producing theatre with his patients and an acting coach involved in training family therapists. Through examples drawn from university teaching and field work ranging from "invisible theatre" in a California shopping mall to an intervention piece on childhood malnutrition in the former Zaire, the final essays take an in-depth look at the issues and methods driving a theatre which seeks to contaminate in order to produce a healthy change.


Jill MacDougall is a theatre director and facilitator, Francophone translator, and cultural politics scholar who has worked extensively in theatre and public health training and intervention projects in Africa and North America. P. Stanley Yoder is a medical anthropologist and international public health consultant who has conducted extensive research and evaluated health communication in Africa.
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