Clipped Wings: The Rise and Fall of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (Wasps)

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During World War II, all branches of the military had women's auxiliaries, yet the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) were the only women's auxiliary within the armed services of World War II that was not militarized. The author draws on recently declassified documents and interviews to trace the history of the over 1,000 women pilots who served their country. 16 photos.


"Well written and draws on a variety of primary source material... The book adds to the continuing study of women pilots in World War II." - H-Net Book Review "An excellent study... its grounding in feminist history and methodology are timely and welcome." --American Historical Review "Merryman's work has been hailed as a fresh, astute, analysis of the WASP program. The book is well written and draws on a variety of primary source material including, military documents, interviews with former WASPs, newspapers and articles and Jacqueline Cochran's private papers." --Minerva "Merryman has assembled a formidable study of these women pilots using recently declassified government documents, as well as interviews with surviving WASP personnel." --Feminist Collections "Clipped Wings lets us peer into the political cockpit of militarized gender construction. I've learned a lot from this fine book." --Cynthia Enloe author of Does Khaki Still Become You?
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